I have been in the education publishing world for over 20+ years now and lately I find myself getting more and more upset at the outside interest in public education.   As I look at the landscape and the ever growing interest, I keep asking… WHO is representing public schools?  WHO has their interest in mind? HOW can they battle the marketing and communication machines that are at their door every day?

The private sector last year received an estimated $9 Billion Dollars from public schools for their products and services, most of which will be reinvested to grow that number next year.  Education fights a battle against a well equipped and knowledgeable opponent.   I developed NS4ed with the sole purpose of fighting for education and its needs at all cost; NS4ed will never take money from an outside source not related to public education.  Our simple mission is to sift through the maze that is at your door every day and makes you the center of control over what products and services are brought into your schools.


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