NS4ed is committed to helping you, the educator, make informed buying decisions based on local control and independent reviews through a simple, impartial and an effective approach.

In education, there exists a vast array of educational solutions – such as reading, science, language arts, and math curricula; school-wide reform programs; interventions; after-school programs; and new educational technologies. In the marketplace, providers could, and most do, claim to be able to improve educational outcomes and, in many cases, they all pretend to be supported by evidence. But a cursory review reveals that most evidence consists of poorly designed or advocacy-driven studies with some providers having such inadequate research as could only be described as case studies.

So the problem for State and local education officials is that they must sort through a myriad of such claims to decide which solutions merit consideration for their schools and classrooms. One US official stated the problem saying “many of these practitioners have seen interventions (solutions), introduced with great fanfare as being able to produce dramatic gains, come and go over the years, yielding little in the way of positive and lasting change – a perception confirmed by the flat achievement results over the past 30 years in the National Assessment of Educational Progress long-term trend”

NS4ed is a process by which we make you, the educator, the locus of control

whatsright3OUR Approach:

With four simple, yet highly effective steps, NS4ed guides educators through an informed buying process that’s based on local control and review.

Step 1 — Research, Review, and Evaluation Criteria

Step 2 — Cost / Benefit Analysis

Step 3 — Education Survey & Culture Scan

Step 4 — Negotiation & Representation

NS4ed Buying Statement

NS4ed takes apart the provider-led reviews and long drawn out process of selecting a program solution and puts you in the drivers seat. From cultural scan to educator and community surveys, we help you make an informed, independent review and selection that’s right for your district.

  • What’s right for students, teachers and school communities? What’s right for education?
  • How do you make truly informed buying decisions?
  • What research is available to show program effectiveness?
  • Where does the research come from and who conducts the program study or review?
  • Which program aligns best to your district needs?
  • Does the cost of the program outweigh the benefit?

NS4ed Approach

We apply the same approach to the negotiation and buying process which includes actionable research on teaching and learning, ed policy and leadership and programmatic implementation. Before any negotiation or buying process can begin, we work first to understand the significance and impact to the organization both from an academic alignment to a cultural fit in the system.

Steps to NS4ed

NS4ed is committed to helping educators make informed buying decisions based on local control and independent reviews through a simple, impartial and effective approach. The cost savings alone would be beneficial for schools.

An analogy to the model would be someone moving to a new area and beginning the process of looking for a house. Such persons, if they were not from the area, would find the process overwhelming and naturally seek the help of a professional real estate agent who would inform them of the housing market, the best schools and neighborhoods, crime rates, and transportation services to the area. The same could be said of NS4ed, a consulting service that looks at all the myriad factors in the procurement process for schools and allows them to make the best possible decision.

Our process is simple and direct and we allow you to worry about what matters most, TEACHING AND LEARNING.


Let NS4ed help you make informed buying decisions based on…

  • impartial and independent review
  • data and informed research / evaluation
  • a thorough review of market solutions
  • review and survey of staff
  • trends in immerging technologies
  • cultural needs of the local education system