From early childhood education to college & career readiness, quality instruction and improvement begins with the strengths in teaching and learning. We take the best of education research and the alignment of government policy to guide and inform priority initiatives and evaluate best practices across the country. Programmatic implementation should be determined based on analysis from empirical data, implementation successes and peer reviewed data points. NS4ed informs organizational efforts based on these principals and assists in the program/implementation analysis.


Career Exploration Curriculum (Local/State)

Purpose: Development of local/state curriculum focused on Career Exploration. Curriculum focused on 8 distinct lesson listed in figure below. Each lesson has teacher guided materials, samples, models, and formative student activities. Each lesson is approximately 10 pages with materials designed to support local and state career exploration initiatives.


Bridging Gap Between Workforce and Education (Town Hall Meetings)

Purpose: Create a discussion between workforce and the education partners, including secondary and postsecondary, in each region on career pathways.

Mission: Facilitate a Workforce Success Summit that allows participants to walk away with actionable research and tools to enhance and design programs of studies that are aligned to their local economic and workforce needs.


Guidance Counselor Career Training

Purpose: Professional Development for Guidance Counselors around Career Education.   Counselors that attend will gain advanced skills necessary to empower youths to make smart decisions about their educations and career choices that lead to economic and career success.


Pathway2Careers Support 

Purpose: Professional Development for Pathways 2 Careers policy tool.   The sessions are designed to be used in coordination with the application P2C.


Sample Partner Engagements:

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