Just keeping up with what’s changing (and what isn’t) is a constant problem for educators; observers must know where to look, how to look, and when to purchase. There’s the booming ed-tech industry, with equity firms and companies, both small and large alike, vying for a slice of an $8 billion-plus yearly market for hardware and software.

In summary, schools need a buyer’s agent who will explicitly represent the interest of educators in the procurement selection and process.

Negotiating Services for Education (NS4ed) is a concept that addresses the procurement process for schools and educators. NS4ed takes apart the provider-led reviews and long-drawn-out process of selecting a program solution and puts educators as the locus of control. NS4ed consults with educators to inform them of business practices, evaluate providers, and shorten the process to make it more cost-effective and culturally aware for schools. From a culture scan to educator and community surveys, NS4ed helps educators make informed, independent reviews and selections that are right for your district. NS4ed dives into specific needs and exercises the school’s buying power with impartial and independent reviews, data and informed research/evaluations, a thorough review of market solutions, review and survey of staff, trends in emerging technologies, and the cultural needs of the local education system.


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