Pathway2Careers Solutions

NS4ed provides a coherent set of resources that support the process of promoting efficacy through research, policy and practice. The solutions all all geared to supporting educators and preparing learn for a path to success.

Pathway2Careers includes a three service model that support the process for enhancing teaching and learning and readiness to post secondary success.

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Learn how Pathway2Careers custom solutions offer partner organizations the resources and the research that leads to local practice aligned to education and industry drivers.


Education + Industry LMI Policy Tool

The Policy Tool provides basic intelligence on the characteristics and dynamics of the labor market in which a local Schools District is located.  It seeks to provide perspective on the realities of the local job market.  The report organizes regional labor market information by career clusters to clearly communicate the highest-value clusters in terms of demand and earning potential.  Within each cluster, specific organizations are highlighted, with particular emphases on the demand, earning potential, requisite education, and career pathways.  This practical approach serves to make clear the path for local students into the region’s highest-value careers.

PD Resources: Career Exploration Lesson Planning  / Podcast Series

Development of local/state curriculum focused on Career Exploration.  Curriculum focused on 8 distinct lesson listed in figure below.  Each lesson has teacher guided materials, samples, models, and formative student activities.  Each lesson is approximately 10 pages with materials designed to support local and state career exploration initiatives

Guidance Counselor Career Training

Professional Development for Guidance Counselors around Career Education.   Counselors that attend will gain advanced skills necessary to empower youths to make smart decisions about their educations and career choices that lead to economic and career success.

Learner instructional content  focused on career pathway development

NS4ed is currently working with education leaders to develop custom content to support the practice element of developing career skills necessary to excel. For information and content development contact us.